• Kenya Music Week: Held in Nairobi bringing the best of the country's musicians.
  • Jamhuri Day: Independence day celebrations with style.
  • Shaggy Dog Show: Animal lovers from all over the Kenya come to Nairobi to take part in a family fun day. Organized by the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA). It is a fundraising event.
  • Craft of Africa: Held at Sarit Centre exhibiting local craftwork
  • Mombasa Carnival: Two lively parades on Moi Avenue with plenty of brightly colored costumes, music and dancing.
  • Kenya International Film Festival: Annual international film fest hosting films and film-makers from all over Africa. Events are held in a variety of venues in Nairobi. Activities include screenings and film premieres, competitions,workshops and debates spiced bymusic performance by local artists
  • Kenya International Puppetry Festival: Held in Nairobi and features workshops on puppet construction, exhibitions of masks and puppets as well as theatre performances.
  • Concours d'Elegance : Classic car and motorcycle festival held in Nairobi featuring vintage vehicles. Lots of sideshows and entertainment
  • International Vultures Day: Log on to www.vultureday.org to find out where the event is scheduled in Kenya. The day creates awareness for these birds whose populations in Asia and Africa have crashed by 96% over the last two decades.
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